Ecology Youth Club

The origin
The youth ecological club "Kristal" of "A.Z.Cajupi"
high school was funded in 1998.Now there are
70 students,members of the club.

The problems treated

1) The sensibilisation about the envionmental
pollution problems and environmental youth
education in schools.
2)The connection betwen ecological and social
3) How to learn and how to be integrated throw
the experience xchanging with youth clubs from
other Balcan and Europe countries.

Main Activities

April 1998 - the project "Ecological Newspaper"
and the construction of a flower grenhouse in
school. This was one of the most appreciated
project in the national Ecological competition
supported by MASH.
November 1999 - The project "Drugs Hurts".
A meeting with students teachers,parents,drugs
problems specialists supported by the "Foundation
of the Albanian Social Society".
April 2000-2005-EYC took part on the ecological
days in Tirana in collaboration with the other clubs from
Tirana's high schools.

March 2001-2002-Social activities about poor children
March 2003 - An expedition in the Karavasta lagoon about
the unique animals protection with other students from
Wlcin's High School , supperted by Youth NET Austria.
June 2004-"Kristal" is announced the best cological club of Tirana .
May 2003-Meeting in Ulcin about the pollution of Shkodra's Lake and the biodiversity of the Adriatic Seaside
March 2004 - The project with youths from Ferizaj, Kosovo."We want our life without drugs"
April 2004-the training and collaboration betwen EYC "Kristal and Ferizal Club.
April 2004-Partner in the FYC project, Vidin Bulgaria- "Wnknown Ethnicity"
May 2004 Neighbourhood cleaning action.
September 2004 -Phot Exhibition :
"the city in my Eyes" supported By R.E.C
September 22th 2004 - Bicycle race in the
"National day clean cities"
November 2004 - Ecological Expedition in th
Pellumbas Cave"Tirana.the sensibilisatin of youths for the nature values.
November 2004- Protest in front of the Albanian Parliament on the National day of Poorness.
Daecember 2000-2005 - Different activities about the international AIDS day.
April 2005- Pacific protest of the youths from Tirana about the power wasting and its less in our houses

Future Projects

May 2005- We are going to take part on the project of FYC in Vidin Bulgaria.
2)May 200-Fair of medical plants and healthy foods.
3)Youth training about the enviromental laws R.E.C
4)European day supported by Europe Council.


Shtator 2006- Prishtine; Teatri "Kush e solli doruntinen" ne bashkpunim me nxenesit e shkolles "Elena Gjika"Prishtine dhe mbeshtetur nga M.R.K.

Tetor 2006-Java e sigurise rrugore ne bashkpunim ne Policine e Shtetit dhe RAMECA (trajnim i nxenesve dhe 1 ore prakrike te veshur me uniforme policie ne qarkullimin rrugor.

Dhjetor 2006- Dita e vullnetarizmit ndaj femijve me aftesi te kufizuara.

Dhjetor 2006- Takimit te shkollave te rrjetit te Programit te mijevjecarit mbeshtetur nga REC dhe PNVD

Tetor 2006-Mars 2006 Ekspedita e fundjaveve te perfishra ne programin "Une e dua Tiranen, Une e dua Shqiperine"

Prill 2006-Kongresi dhe Forumi rinor nderkombetar dhe Javen Nderkombtare te sigurise rrugore organizuar me bashkpunim me shoqaten e sigurise rrugore dhe mbeshtetur nga OBSH dhe UNICEF(Perfshire te rinjte nga korca Tirana,Gjirokastra)

Prill 2006 Projekt dhe ekpedite ne Boville ne diten boterore te ujit taim me Zv.Ministrin e Mjedisit Z.Taulant Binko prezantim dhe sensibilizim me ane te fotove te shperdorimeve te ujit ne shkolle,familje,ambiente si dhe Peticione heshtje per shakaterrimin ekologjik ne shtratin e lumit prane diges se Bovilles nga makinerite lavatrice.

Shtator 2007 - Malisheve , Binjakezim me te rinjte e shkolles se mesme Malisheve dhe me shkollen e mesme gjirokaster.

Prishtine - Java e rinise mbeshtetur mga M.R.K dhe organizuar nga qendra e Rinise Prishtine,Ekspedite ne shpellen e gadimes , Prizeren Gjakove-Venine skene e Teatrit "Hakmarrja"

28 Nentor - 17 dhjetor 2007 - Java e sensibilizimeve per qendrime te shendetshme dhe sociale ndaj problemit dhe njerzve me HIV+. Mbledhje fondi humanitar per femijet per femijet me HIV. Forumi rinir ne GJirokaster me te rinjte e gjimnazit "A.Zeneli" Gjirokaster. Takim me kryetaren e shoqates se Mbrojtjes se personave HIV dhe Sida me ambientet shkolles

20.1.2008 Ekspedita ne dajt

Ecological youth club "Kristal"

December 2007-Theatre"Hakmarrja" in cities: Tirana and Durres supported by UNFPA
January 2008-Aprile- it starts the program CARE FOR LIFE INSTAND OF VIOLENCY, including LIFE-LINK FRIENDSHIP SCHOOL program.
The parta of this program are:1-The expeditions in some villages ear of Tirana.
Dajti mountain
Erzen river
Castel of Ndroq

2-social activity:we have been near of the children of village of gerdec ,where happened a tragedy from weapons.

3-the art exhibition opened in the entrance of the school
Aprile-we take part with 3ecological and social projects in the competition: Citizemship Project supported by PASS PROGRAM. We honored with the second price.\

Aprile - the theatre group of club shows the drama KLITHMA E TE PAFAJSHMEVE

*May- Ecological day of high Schools of Tirana wiht Slogan "Our Tirana, our Home"

*May-we plant the trees including in the project " I have a tree"of the center For Equale Responsability"

*May -open first europian ceter in our school supported by CESES the part of program of komision
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